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What is Tame-It and What Can It Do for You?

     Tame-It® is Tax Assessor Made Easy-Information Technology and was developed by Foster & Foster Real Estate of Ruidoso, New Mexico. We have been providing this service to the Real Estate industry, Title and Insurance Companies, and Appraisers for more than 8 years. Tame-It® is a user-friendly searchable database of county assessor's records.

     An invaluable tool for Real Estate agents (farming and listing information), Appraisers (detailed infromation on the subject property, as well as neighboring ones), Insurance agents (property data), Attorneys (find who owns a property), and Title Companies (really fast search for owners by name or legal description). Unlike other online county databases, which have very few searchable fields, Tame-It® offers most of the fields (names, legal descriptions, assessed values, taxes, square footage, acreage etc.) that you need to use to find specific types of properties and owners.

     You can now create a mailing list and merge with labels, envelopes, or personalized letters. The owners' names are converted to proper format: Robert L. and Mary C. Jones, as well as a salutation field so your mail merge letters will read Dear Robert and Mary without the initials. If the owner is a business, the salutation will automatically read Dear Sirs; no need to make any adjustments. Just merge and print.

     We provide free, downloadable templates for Mailing Labels (Avery® 5160), Envelopes, and Mail Merge Letters to be used in Microsoft® Word (2000 and 2002) or Microsoft® Works. This makes your mailings easy, just Tame-It®.

If you have any questions, please email us at help@tame-it.com.

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