Instructions for making Labels or Envelopes


1.    Open Microsoft Word, Click "File",

2.       Click "Open"and find the "Tame-it" folder,

3.       Double click the "Tame-it" folder,

4.       Double click either "Labels" or "" and the template will appear as below. ( this is the Labels Templete )



5.       Click "Merge"on the tool bar ( as shown above ),

6.       The following pop up screen will appear



7.       Click"Merge" again. After the merge is complete click "Ok" and you will see your Labels or Envelopes ready to print including bar codes.

8.       You can make corrections to and misspelled names or addresses here

9.       When you are finished printing, click "File" click "Close".

10.   When asked if you want to save click"No". to each question. You can always do this procedure again.