Instructions for doing a Mail Merge


1.       Open Microsoft Word, click "File",

2.       Click "Open" and find the Tame-it folder

3.       Double click the Tame-it folder

4.       If you have created your own templates click the "My Saved Templates" folder and select an existing merge template, otherwise

5.       Double click Mail Merge

6.       At this screen place the curser below Dear <<Dear>> and type the text of the letter that you want to send.

7.       You can do a test print and adjust margins if necessary



8.       Then click the word "Merge" as shown below:



9.       A pop up screen will appear as shown below

10.   Click the word "Merge" again



11. After it merges click "Ok"

12.   You can make any text changes to names and/or addresses that need correction. The letter is now ready to print.






     After printing you have two options:

A.      Save your Letters

B.      Just exit


      If you want to save your New Letter with all the names and addresses


1.When finished printing, click "File" then click "Close" click "Yes".

2.       When asked if you want to save the new letter click "File", click "Save as",



3.      Double click "My Saved Letters", at "File name" type a new name

( something that relates to the new letter ), then click "Save".


     If you don't want to save the Letter


1.       When finished printing, click "File", click "Close". When asked if you want to save

click "No". When asked again click "No".


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