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Download and Install 3 Merge Templates for Microsoft Word

Word 97 users click here for Special Instructions. 

     1. Click the download link below.

     2. You will be asked if you want to save the Tame-it.exe file.

     3. Click Yes and save it to a folder that you can find after downloading.

     Tame-it.exe is a self-extracting file, and when activated, it will create a new folder
     C:\Tame-It. It will also install the three merge files into that folder.

     4. After downloading, find the file Tame-it.exe and double click the file.

     5. Just follow the prompts: click Next, then Next, then Yes.

     You now have the Microsoft Word Templates to use for Mailing Labels, Envelopes and
     Mail Merge letters on your hard drive

     Download Tame-it.exe

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